Math + Exercise = Fun way of learning

When you add exercise and math together, it equals a fun review game played in Chelsey Wiersma’s second grade classroom at Willow Brook Elementary.

She created the nine math stations that require students to do an exercise and solve a word problem as a way to prepare for their unit test. 

“I have a very active group this year so I had to find a way to incorporate moving and working on math together,” she said. “This is the third time we’ve done this activity and they’ve really enjoyed it.”

J’Kiyah Teasley said it is a fun way to make her body and brain stronger. 

“I love exercising and I workout at my house all the time and it’s really cool because whenever you do it, your body gets stronger, and by working on math problems, I guess two things got stronger.” 

Wiersma said letting the kids get up and move around the room makes the lesson more enjoyable. 

“It’s so much better than just asking them to sit down and complete a worksheet because word problems are hard and they don’t get a break between questions.”

Instructional specialist Christine Young said the physical activity is the fun part but the focus is the math lesson.

“Having them move around the room helps get their brains going and it gives them the energy they need to sit down and figure out the next problem,” Young said. “I tell them, “Are your abs going to hurt? No. Is your brain going to hurt? Yes.’”

Wiersma, Young and paraprofessional Jennifer Haub checked the work of students after they completed a station. 

“We get time to look at their work and see if anyone is struggling,” Wiersma said. “If we notice something, we’re able to pull them aside later to work on it.”


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