Notes from the Feb. 14 board meeting

Read about actions taken at the Feb. 14 school board meeting. Find out more by visiting Pattonville's BoardDocs website.

Board Actions

The board of education on Feb. 14:

  • Reviewed and accepted an evaluation of the district’s teaching and learning program; read the report or view the presentation;
  • Reviewed and accepted an evaluation of the district’s human resources program; read the report or view the presentation;
  • Approved, as lodged for action on Jan. 10, the district’s Comprehensive School Improvement Plan (CSIP) for 2023-2028; see the plan or view the presentation;
  • Approved paying $663,903.51 for regular bills;
  • Approved paying $282,936.08, for purchases made on Pattonville’s purchasing cards, which earned the district a rebate of 1% (or $2,829.36);
  • Approved the Quit Claim Deed granting a permanent property right to St. Louis County;
  • Declared a list of items as surplus to be sold on the district’s page;
  • Lodged for action the student and staffing projections for the 2023-2024 school year; a vote is expected at the March 14 meeting;
  • Approved the employment of certified staff for the 2023-2024 school year;
  • Approved paying $4,634 to Tueth, Keeney, Cooper, Mohan & Jackstadt for legal services;
  • Approved proclamations declaring March 2023 as Music in Our Schools Month and Youth Arts Month in the Pattonville School District;
  • Approved the renewal of Ecollect Subscription from PowerSchool for $13,893.43;
  • Approved the purchase of walk behind scrubbers for $25,596;
  • Approved the contract with the Cooperative Educational Services Agency 1 (CESA 1) for facilitation of professional development sessions for $160,600;
  • Approved the agreement with Follett School Solutions, LLC, for Destiny Follet library cataloging system for $25,585.45;
  • Approved the purchase of a virtual sever host upgrade for $82,117.65;
  • Awarded the bid for Pattonville Leaning Center renovations to Hankins Construction for $360,000; and
  • Approved the purchase of the Learning Center VRF renovation from GRP Wegman for $98,615.

New Hires

  • Lakeisha Griffing, social-emotional support specialist, Willow Brook
  • Angela Harrison, paraprofessional, early childhood
  • Ashauna McRoberts, custodian, Rose Acres
  • Maria Whitener, clerk, Holman


  • Russell Behlmann, bus driver in transportation, after 16 years of service
  • Tonya Ferretti, English learner teacher at Parkwood, after 25 years of service
  • Julie Harder, librarian at Pattonville Heights, after 21 years of service
  • William Wallis, bus driver in transportation, after 4 years of service

Willow Brook Elementary

Hours: 8:55am - 3:40pm

Phone: (314) 213-8018

Attendance: (314) 213-8118

Fax: (314) 213-8618

Address: 11022 Schuetz Road
St. Louis, MO 63146

Principal: Mrs. Kim Dannegger

Administrative Intern: Mrs. Taylor Koenig

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