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Students look at and discuss books they see on a shelf.

The Willow Brook Way

Diverse learners lead by the Willow Brook Way - Being Peaceful, Being Respectful and Being Responsible. Our school brings together a diverse multicultural community, valuing every child and enriching the experiences of all students, families and staff. 

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Art teacher working with student at desk

Comprehensive Support

With dedicated English learner and reading teachers, a full-time counseling team, free breakfast for all students and Calming Corners in classrooms, we ensure that every student receives the personalized attention and resources they need to succeed. 

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A student and his teacher celebrate while playing golf in PE class.

Energizing Excellence

At Willow Brook, we thrive on the vibrant energy our students bring to school every day, nurturing their talents and showcasing their achievements in a supportive community environment. 

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What’s Happening

at Willow Brook Elementary School

Latest News

Graphic announcing Pattonville's new website launch on June 14

The Pattonville School District is excited to announce the upcoming launch of its new website on Friday, June 14. Last fall, we surveyed users and learned our community wanted a site that is accessible, searchable and easy to navigate to find essential resources. We focused on that and much more on the new website and wanted to share some of the exciting changes you will see. 

Read More about Pattonville School District to Launch New Website

Upcoming Events

Student using sensory path in the hallway



Sensory hallways allow the transitions between lunch, specials and classrooms to be interactive and fun. After receiving a grant from the Pattonville Education Foundation (PEF), a 96-foot long pirate-themed path was installed and designed to give students a brain break. The path activities provide sensory input to help stay on task. Sensory hallways are designed as a preventative measure by improving focus and preventing disruptive behaviors from occurring within the classroom environment.

Sensory Path
Students working with therapy dogs



Duo Dogs, Inc. is a not-for-profit organization that connects dogs with students to cultivate  positive change. The program motivates students to read and also helps to build confidence when reading. The program donates books to the students who are involved in the reading program at Willow Brook. It is a great partnership with our community. 

Duo's PAWS for Reading Program
Student using items from Calming Caddies



Whenever a student is experiencing big feelings, they know they have a place in their classroom to go to regulate their emotions. A bucket of items called calming caddies are available to all students throughout the school. Students can request to go to the calming caddies if their feelings are making it difficult for them or others to learn.

Calming Caddies
Group of students standing outside of school



The purpose of our intramural programs is to encourage healthy habits, sportsmanship, and provide a learning opportunity in the sport. These programs are meant to spark a love of sports, encourage students to engage in physical activity, and allow students to engage in their school community. It also encourages students to discover new interests and talents and most importantly to have fun with peers.

Intramural Programs

Who we are

At Willow Brook Elementary School, we are a vibrant and diverse community dedicated to celebrating the unique talents and backgrounds of every student. With a commitment to high expectations and inclusive support, we nurture a welcoming environment where all learners can thrive and succeed.